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+ Central Library

The institute Library advisory committee consists of the Principal as the Chairman, coordinator and three members from the teaching faculty and the senior most Librarians as members. The committee meets at regular intervals to decide the purchase, infrastructural development and improvisation of the Library. The library advisory committee has suggested for the automation of the library with the help of NIC Odisha.

The college library is open to all students members of the staff & all other employees of the college students are encouraged to use the Library.

  1. The library functions from 10 am to 5 pm on all days except on Sundays and other holidays as notified by the Principal.
  2. On production of the first receipt of the college fee and identity card, students will be issued library card without which they are not entitled to use of the library.
  3. Unless a book is entered in the loan register and duly signed by the borrower it cannot be taken outside the library.
  4. Once a book is issued to the borrower he/she will be responsible to pay for the loss and / or damage of the books. Hence, the students are required toe xamine the books before being borrowed.
  5. Books should be returned in good condition within the period allowed to the borrower. The peri od allowe d to a bor rower excepting the member of the staff and those specially permitted by the Principal is sixteen days and is one month in case of member of the staff. If the date of return falls due on an authorised holiday, it should be returned immediately after the college re-opens.
  6. The Principal reserves the right to recall books from the borrowers at any time.
  7. In no case can books be kept by the students during a long vacation (more than 33 days)
  8. Students are required to ensure that their names are written off from borrowers list at the time of returning the books to the library.
  9. No marking of any kind is allowed to be made in the library books. The librarian will bring to the notice of the Principal if any case of disfiguring in any book is detected.
  10. Certain books including all reference books and current periodicals and journals are not allowed to be taken outside the library without the special permission of Principal.
  11. Silence shall be observed both within and in the library area.
  12. Fine at the rate of Rs.0.10 per day will be levied for non-return of books in time. The rule will be strictly observed so that books may be kept circulating instead of being hoarded by some students. If a student loses his card another card will be issued to him on application on payment of Rs.1/-
  13. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Library. The library should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting the books and periodicals.
  14. The following is the permissible limit of maximum number of books that can be borrowed at a time by different users.
    1. Teaching Staff
    2. Laboratory Assistant and other class III employees
    3. Librarian
    4. Peon and other Class IV employees
    5. Students of Degree class
    6. Honours Students
    7. other students
  15. Books can be reissued to the same person only if there is no demand for the same books from others.
  16. A person who borrows books from the library is presumed to have been aware of the library Rules and their implications.
  17. Important Restriction : Reference books, encyclopedia, dictionaries will not be issued to students or members of staff for use outside the library. Students can use those only inside the library under strict supervision. The Principal has the power to issue rare books and out-of-print books on recommendation of the prof. in charge of the Library.
  18. Students should deposit their requisition slips for books between 10 am & 12.15pm. Books will be issued between 1.30 & 4.30 pm.
  19. Students who are sent up for University Examination are not ordinarily allowed to borrow books from the library. They can however, do so, provided a lecturer stands as surety for the books issued.
  20. If a book is lost or tampered with it has to be replaced or 3 times the cost of the book has to be paid.

NB. : One book is one book, a set or series of the same title is not to be considered as

+ Internet

The college campus have 24 hours leased 4 mbps (Broad Band) internet connectivity. The departments are networked with LAN/WAN, connecting all the labs, staff rooms and library. The Network Operations Centre is equipped with BSNL/JIO servers. Ample computing facilities are provided linking each student with a PC. The campus has become a Wireless Campus by implementing WI- FI technology. Students and staff of vdcollege can access the complete network and browse internet sitting anywhere in the campus by using Laptops and other device.

+ Canteen


+ Health Care

The institution organize different Health and Hygiene awareness programme, Medical Camp , Adult Education and Literacy programme, Blood Donation Camp, AIDS Awareness Camp, Cancer awareness, Disaster Management, Environmental awarenessobservation of World Health Day, World Red Cross Day, Cleaning of College premises, Hostel cleaning, Helping needy students etc. are some of the features of the extension activities of NSS, NCC and YRC Units of the College.

Volunteers perform survey and collect and compile information on Malaria, Filarial, Blood group, RH factor and Health hazards and Submit report to hospitals as a part of practical research at grass root level and the extension work includes literacy programmes, environmental awareness, Plantations, Wild Life Protection, teaching hygienic methods, and implemented for rural underprivileged and vulnerable human population.

+ Post Office

The college camppus also houses a post office to cater to the mail needs of students and staff. The students can save their precious time by using services of this on campus post office to send applications for higher education and mailing DDs and other alied postal services.

+ Bank

In our campus we have a branch of Bank of Baroda, started in the year 2016 for the convenience of students and staff members. With 470 branches and over 1000 ATMs, has been ranked as the best private sector. In addition to its normal banking services, sale of insurance products, Mutual funds, Depository services and trading accounts are made available in it.