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+ Hostels

The college maintains four hostels with total accommodation of 400 boarders in all. Out of these four hostels three are with in the college campus and one is located out side the campus close to the college adjacent to the OSRTC bus stand.

Name of the HostelStrength
Vikram Deb Chatrabasa for P.G. and +3 Boys60
Utkalmani Chatrabasa for undergraduate Boys I100
Utkala Gauraba for undergraduate Boys II100
Vivekananda Hostel150
Post Matric Girls Hostel, No.I60
Post Matric Girls Hostel, No.II60
Post Matric Girls Hostel, No.III60
Post Matric Girls Hostel, No.IV100

All facilities like water, electricity, common room, dining room, kitchen, office, colour television, newspapers and magazines are provided in the hostels.

The Superintendent, Asst. Superintendent and other supporting staff, nominated/engaged by the Principal are in the charge of the internal management of the hostel. SC/ST students are given admission in the Hostel on preference basis on production of Caste Certificate from the Revenue Officer/Tahasildar.

All outsiders, except the members of staff and college employees must sign in the Visitors Book while visiting the hostel and state the reasons for the visit. The parents or guardians of the boarder may meet the latter with prior permission from the Superintendent.

+ Rules & Regulation
  1. The college maintains six hostels. The V.Deb Hostel for P.G. and +3 boys, Utkalmani Hostel for under graduate boys and the Post Matric Girls Hostels No.I, II, III & IV for girls.
  2. Application for admission to the Hostel should be made to the Principal in the prescribed form. A certificate of good conduct from the head of the institution in which an application last studied shall be presented alongwith the application.
  3. The merit list of the applicant seeking admission into the various hostels of the College will be prepared and selection shall be made only by the Residential Committee. Then the superintendent will admit into the hostel only those applicants who bring a certificate of admission to the hostel from the Principal. Preference for admission to the hostel will be given to N.C.C. cadets.
  4. Seats will be allotted by the Superintendent.
  5. Withdrawal from the hostel requires the sanction of the Principal. Applications for withdrawal should be made by the guardian. No boarder will be permitted to leave the hostel without the prior permission of the Superintendent who will ascertain that all dues to the hostel have been paid before permitting such leave.
  6. Boarders of all 1st year classes shall apply before they leave the hostel at the time of summer vacation if they wish to return to the hostel. But re-admission to the hostel cannot be claimed by virtue of previous stay.
  7. The hostel is closed during the summer vacation. Boarders wishing to remain in the hostel during the Puja vacation must obtain special permission from the Hostel Superintendent.
  8. Bed, Book shelves, tables and chairs are supplied by the hostel, Boarders shall be responsible for the furniture supplied to them and shall be required to make good any willful damage.
  9. The i nterna l ma na geme nt of the hostel res ts with the Superintendent.
  10. Roll-call shall be taken twice daily, once in the Morning and once in the Evening.
  11. There are fixed hours for bathing, study & meals. No boarders are permitted to enter the room of another boarder during study hours.
  12. No boarder shall be absent from the hostel during or after the evening roll-ca ll without the previous permiss ion of the Superintendent. Absence from hostel after evening roll-call will be considered as a serious breach of discipline.
  13. Boarders should in all cases obtain the permission of the Principal before joining or taking part in any association of meeting outside the College. All movement by students ei ther for calling or circulating notices or raising subscription must have the previous sanction of the Superintendent.
  14. The Superintendent has the power of censoring any reading matter brought into the hostel. The introduction of objectionable reading matter into the hostel will be regarded as breach of discipline.
  15. The Superintendent will be responsible for the maintenance of order & discipline and will have the power to punish boarders for any breach of discipline and report all cases of gross misconduct to the Principal.
  16. The Superintendent will record fines and punishment in a book kept for the purpose.
  17. The following will be considered as breaches of discipline.
    1. absence from hostel without leave
    2. Continued neglect of study
    3. Want of cleanliness and tidiness in the rooms.
    4. Spitting about the rooms, verandahs & courtyards.
    5. Singing and playing on any musical instrument except during he specified hours.
    6. Frequent absence from hostel in the evening
    7. Writing on or in any other way disfiguring the doors or walls or window of the building.
    8. Bringing the papers or periodicals or materials not authorized by the Superintendent into the hostel.
    9. Holding of any special meeting in the hostel without the approval of the Superintendent.
  18. The Superintendent will keep a conduct register in which the names of the boarders will be entered in cases of misconduct on the part of a boarder.
  19. The name of the boarders absenting themselves from the hostel except during college hours must be entered in the gate books. If the reasons given for absence are not satisfactory the delinquents will be liable for expulsion from the hostel.
  20. Students may be expelled from the hostel on the report of the Superintendent for habitual or gross misconduct.
  21. Absence on leave requires the sanction of the Superintendent.
  22. The father or natural guardian of the boarder may be permitted with previous sanction of the Superintendent to stay in the hostel for one night provided the visit has a reference to the interest of the boarder as a pupil of the college and provided there is accommodation. Such permission will be granted by the Superintendent and that too, in exceptional cases only.
  23. All outsiders, except members of the staff and college employees must sign in the visitors Book when visiting the hostel and state the reasons for the visit.
  24. Boarders are required to pay mess dues of the previous month in the hostel office on or before the 10th of the month, failing which meals of such defaulting boarders shall be stopped in the Hostel mess from the morning of the 11th of the month till they clear such dues.
  25. Boarders cannot pay their college fees unless they produce the certificate from the Superintendent that they have paid their mess dues.
  26. Boarders shall be find Rs. 200/- each for unauthorized use of electric gadgets and an undertaking shall be taken to prevent future violation.
  27. All boarders have to take at least 80% of meals each month and charges shall be collected for the same irrespective of the actual number of meals taken by them.
  28. All boarders except those who have University / Autonomous Examination are required to vacate the hostel during summer vacation.
  29. Any additional electricity / water bill amount charged during a particular calendar year shall have to be equally borne by all the existing boarders over and above the collated amount of fees for the purpose.
  30. The yearly fee of Rs.30/- collected from each boarder by the College office shall exclusively be utilized for the purpose of hostel improvement in case of urgency.
  1. SC/ST students are exempted from payment of tuition and admission fee and hostel seat rent on production of caste certificate from Revenue Officer.
  2. Blind students are exempted from payment of tuition fee and seat rent.
  3. Women students are exempted from tuition fee.
  4. Children of Government Servants are exempted from payment of re-admission fee and transfer fee consequent on transfer of their parents from one place to another during the middle of the academic year.
  5. Children of Government Servants who die in harness may also be exempted from tuition fee upto higher secondary stage subject to satisfactory progress.
  1. Up to the end of the month a student is required to pay default fine of 15 paise for each day's delay excluding Sundays and holidays.
  2. If a student fails to pay his dues before the end of the month, his name shall be struck off the rolls. If he is re-admitted he shall be required to pay in addition to his dues for the month at the end of which his name was struck off, the usual admission fee equal to the ordinary monthly fee of the class. The principal may, however, excuse the daily fine or re-admission fee at his discretion in the Exceptional cases
+ Supporting Staff