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The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), established by an Act of Parliament in 1985, has continuously striven to build an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education. It has tried to increase the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) by offering high-quality teaching through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode. The University began by offering two academic programmes in 1987, i.e., Diploma in Management and Diploma in Distance Education, with strength of 4,528 students. Today, it serves the educational aspirations of over 3 million students in India and other countries through 21 Schools of Studies and a network of 67 regional centres, around 2,667 learner support centres and 29 overseas partner institutions. The University offers about 228 certificate, diploma, degree and doctoral programmes, with strength of nearly 810 faculty members and 574 academic staff at the headquarters and regional centres and about 33,212 academic counsellors from conventional institutions of higher learning, professional organisations, and industry among others.

    The mandate of the University is to:

  • Provide access to higher education to all segments of the society;
  • Offer high-quality, innovative and need-based programmes at different levels, to all those who require them;
  • Reach out to the disadvantaged by offering programmes in all parts of the country at affordable costs; and
  • Promote, coordinate and regulate the standards of education offered through open and distance learning in the country.
  • To achieve the twin objectives of widening access for all sections of society and providing continual professional development and training to all sectors of higher education

The University has made a significant mark in the areas of higher education, community education and continual professional development. The University has been networking with reputed public institutions and private enterprises for enhancing the educational opportunities being offered by it. As a world leader in distance education, it has been conferred with awards of excellence by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada, several times.

The University is committed to quality in teaching, research, training and extension activities, and acts as a national resource centre for expertise and infrastructure in the ODL system. The University has established the Centre for Extension Education, National Centre for Disability Studies and National Centre for Innovation in Distance Education, to focus on specific learner groups and enrich the distance learning system.

With the launch of EduSat (a satellite dedicated only to education) on 20th September, 2004, and the establishment of the Inter-University Consortium, the University has ushered in a new era of technology-enabled education in the country. All the regional centres and high enrollment study centres have been provided with active two-way video-conferencing network connectivity, which has made it possible to transact interactive digital content.

Emphasis is now being laid on developing interactive multimedia and online learning, and adding value to the traditional distance education delivery mode with modern technology-enabled education within the framework of blended learning.

Over the years, IGNOU has lived up to the country's expectations of providing education to the marginalised sections of society. Free of cost education is being provided to all jail inmates across the country. A large number of SC/ST students have been admitted to various programmes of the University

Coordinator: Ranjan Kumar Pradhan
Contact Number: +91-9437338582
Email Id:

Asst. Coordinator: Prashanta Ku Patra
Contact Number: +91-9438315304


Physics Smt. C.Savitri 4414013 PHE-4,5,6,14
Sri S. S. Pattnik 4414016 PHE-1,2,7,11
Sri Muna Pradhan 4414017 PHE-7,11,13
Sri R.K.Mansingh 4414014 PH-10,15,16
Chemistry Sri R.K.Pradhan 4414018 CHE-4,5,6,9
Sri S.R. Behera 4414019 CHE-1,2,9,10
Sri S.Singha 4414020 CHE-1,2,4
Sri J.K.Tripathy 4414021 CHE-1,2
Sri Sibananda Roula 4414022 CHE-5
Life Science Dr. S.Dash 4414028 LSE-7,12,13
Dr. P.K.Patra 4414029 LSE-6,7,12,13
Sri K.L.mahalik 4414026 LSE-1,3,9
Smt. Sai Gita Boxipatra 4414025 LSE-4,5,6,9
Smt S.Lenka 4414027 LSE-5,6,9,10
Mathematics Dr.Nilanchal Mishra 4414073 MTE-6,8
Sri Abhiram Mohanty 4414072 MTE-8,10
Sri S.S.Tripathy 4414071 MTE-1
Sri K.C.Behera 44090093 MTE-11,12,13,14,OMT
Computer Science Sri Santosh Panda 4414038 MCS-13,21,22,23, 24, 25,31,32,34,41,42,43, 51,52
Sri Srinivas Nanda 4414039 MCS-11,17,32
Sri Manoj Ku. Das 4414040 MCS-11,24,23,34
Management Sri R.K.Swaro 4414091 MS-11,53,92,95
Sri Santosh Ku Adi 4414090 MS-1,2,22,43
Social Work Sri Pramod Ku. Hial 4413009 MSW-6,7,8
Sri Bhulok Bihari Mohanty 4414041 MSW-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Political Science Smt.Dr.R Acharya
Sri. Dibya Lochan Rout 4414051 MPS-1,2,3,4: MPSE-1,2,3,8
Economics Smt. R.Amaravati 4414050 MEC-1,2,3,4,5
Miss Sobha Maharana 4414049 MEC-1,2,3,4,5
Dr. Muralidhar Majhi 44100011 MRD
English Dr. N.N. Das 44090085 MEG-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Sri T.Pr. Rath - -
Odia Smt. Dr. S. Mishra 44090086 FOR
Commerce Sri Siba Pr. Pattnaik 44100010 ECO-2,9.10,11,12,14
Sri R.K.Swaro 44100013 ECO-2,5,8,10,14

This is one of the largest Study Centre of IGNOU Regional Centre Koraput. A large number of Post Graduate, Graduate, PG Diploma, Diploma and Certificate programmes have been activated under this Study Centre. Some of the important Programmes are as follows:

  1. Management Programme (MBA)
  2. Master in Computer Application (MCA)
  3. Master in Arts in English (MEG)
  4. Master in Arts in Hindi (MHD)
  5. Master in Arts in Social Work (MSW)
  6. Master of Arts in Rural Development(MARD)
  7. Master in Arts in Sociology (MSO)
  8. Master in Arts in Political Science (MPS)
  9. Master in Arts in Public Administration (MPA)
  10. Master in Arts in History (MAH)
  11. Master in Arts in Economics (MEC)
  12. Master in Commerce (M.Com.)
  13. Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  14. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  15. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  16. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  17. Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD)
  18. Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (PGJMC)
  19. Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE)
  20. Certificate Programme in Food and Nutrition (CFN)